The United States Dept. of Music

I have been authorized by the United States Dept. of Music to conduct the following survey:

  1. Do you find that sometimes all music sounds the same?
  2. Do you vaguely remember when music told a story or expressed a feeling?
  3. Do you think music is a language?
  4. Do you know what Jazz is?
  5. Do you have trouble understanding the words sometimes?
  6. Did you hate your piano teacher?
  7. Are you tired of listening to music on the internet while the reflection of your face turns green on the screen?
  8. Do you ever listen to the songs that birds are singing?
  9. Do you ever hear church bells in the distance?
  10. Is there a flute buried in your closet somewhere under a shoebox full of cassette tapes?
  11. Do you ever wonder who made the first drum?
  12. Do you ever flick stemware at garage sales to see what tone it emits?
  13. Do you wonder why the left hand notes in piano music are in different places than the right hand?
  14. Do you believe that every conversation is an improvisation?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, contact us immediately.

1 thought on “The United States Dept. of Music

  1. music without sound…
    several years ago,
    when i was in a deep despair of darkness
    i found myself sitting in a dive bar in sag harbor
    staring (through several rocks glasses full of jack)
    at a juke box blaring in the corner…

    i knew there was sound coming out of it
    but i couldnt make any sense out of the noise…

    the thought came to my mind
    that the actual meaning in all music
    has nothing to do with the sound.

    it is all about the intention of the music maker
    to communicate, using the language of music,
    something that cannot be expressed in words.

    since then, i have been searching for a way
    to separate music from the usual sounds
    our poor tired ears
    overwhelmed with information
    are subject to.

    so we may hear again
    as if for the first time…

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